Springer History and Traits

The forebear of all English hunting spaniels, the Springer's origins dates back to Shakespeare's time.  An enthusiastic and tireless hunter, the Springer enjoys anything else it does well. Its gentle, soulful look expresses the devotion and affection which are characteristic of the breed. Some important traits are:
* Affectionate and playful demeanor
* Loyal and sweet disposition
* Genuine love for family and children
* Sturdy, strong and athletic
* Natural quickness and intelligence
* Excellent hunting and olfactory skills
* Competence in the show ring
* Truly a complete package


kidpic3.gif (259030 bytes)

fibbershow.gif (151446 bytes)

Fibber, the foundation dog of Shamrock.

flyingwinny.gif (215796 bytes)

Flies through the air with the greatest of ease

louise.gif (103102 bytes)



Dual-titled champion in the field and in the ring.
"Featured in Gun Dog Magazine, vol. 27, No.2"



birddog.gif (113202 bytes)

A proud hunter in true Shamrock fashio

panda.gif (112687 bytes)

The Royal Flush

sdlastjrshow2007.gif (158637 bytes)

Shamrock / Marmion's Happy Landings
a.k.a. Darcy

sweetgeorgia.gif (156318 bytes)

Shamrock Sweet Georgia Brown
a.k.a. Georgia



dillon1.gif (294800 bytes)

INT.CH. Shamrock Aneleh Dillon O'Dyflan
a.k.a. Dillon





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